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Client Reviews

Ken Watson posted to ‎Lonzado Langley

chief Langley I want to say thank you for the work that you are doing. All the info. is a great help to all. Hats off to you my brother.(again thk u)~~~!!!


Laval Lev Malachi posted to ‎Lonzado Langley

Just finished reviewing the Uchean Tribe website and I am highly impressed with all the detailed information provided. Wow you do great professional work - stay the straight course because only success is in your future. You are an Icon and a credit to your people.


Najla Lylesposted to ‎Lonzado Langley

Thank you. Your work is very valuable to my family. I look forward to working with you.


Dalton Terrelle posted to ‎Lonzado Langley
Halito Chief Langley, love what you are doing here. My family is one of many Aboriginal families who are renegade Indians. We know we are Mississippi Choctaw our elder spoke Chahta as do I but the names are lost. I'm trying to pass the 1800s. You have given me many new ideas. To all that you are doing for the Aborigines and the Indigenous people of America, Yokoke my brother


DrMumbo Jumbo posted to ‎Lonzado Langley

Halito Chief Langley, Thank you for accepting my friend request and all of the work that you're doing for indigenous Americans!


William Bell posted to ‎Lonzado Langley

Thank you for the accept Bro Lonzado Langley, I am definitely learning a lot from your instructions to search census records etc.


Beverly A Harper posted to ‎Lonzado Langley

Luv all your post and thanks for accepting my friend request, keep putting the message out there.


Seta Aset
this is a beautiful thing you all are doing. This says a lot about us as true, loving people


Jena Jones
Lonzado...I had to reach out to you and say thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the link with me. I listened to it in it's entirety (replaying some parts of it). The information you share is amazing and I am so glad our paths have crossed.
There's a saying that goes something like "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." I don't know how (other than by divine appointment) our paths crossed, but I have a feeling I am to learn much from/through you and for that, I am excited.
I have sooo many questions but I think I need to calm down and get them into some sort of intelligible order so I will not sound like some sort of babbling dumb-dumb.
I'll be in touch.


Kayla Kiara
i have had some improvements on my genealogy since your class


Slojamoz Oz
Chief, AWESOME conference call! U are SO INSPIRING! Thank u so much! while researching, i came across this u.s. doc, were they admit to failure & negligence of Col. Ward for not adding Ms Choctaw to rolls of which they applied after which, they took & sold the land. thought i'd share!


Hosea Dixon
Chief Langley, thank you very much for this information. I am trying to decipher it now and comprehend it. My initial thoughts are that these maybe different sets of people. I am seeing new names. I am up for this task. I am very grateful for your guidance. I am willing and ready to learn everything that you are willing to share with me. I am going to establish my family(tribe) in our rightful place. Thank you very much. much respect chief



Greetings of Peace,
May this message find you in the best of health, freedom, and joy.  This is Sister Angel.  Happy coming New Year, meaning Spring is near.  
Just checking in with you Chief.  Keeping in contact.  Please forward info on your radio program.  I always have a lot of questions on your topics. My favorite lecture so far, is Part 2 Indian Slavery and Racial Reclassification.  Hopefully everyone who listened to that particular broadcast is aware of the precious jewels you bestowed.  Such valuable information i.e. preservation and heritage society.  Personally, I have been procrastinating on forming that kind of nonprofit for the past five years. Listening to that show helped me to realize:  stop putting it off!  Even with no cooperation or support from my family.  Do it by myself, if need be.  Thank you so much for sharing your story, to the degree you have.
 Your wisdom spoon-feeds just enough.  I would like to hear more questions from your listeners.  One of my biggest questions is:  "If the first agreement with the Anglo-Europeans (Virginia colony) regarding their occupying land, were for commercial exchange, who were the Indians that gave those first concessions?"  Also, "When was the first 'Trust Relationship' made with the British Crown and what is it called?"  Was a Trust relationship ever transferred to the Colonial Government after the Revolutionary War and then transferred into a Federal Trust relationship under the United States?  Excuse me Chief, I ask your help in overstanding these matters.
 This is information I have not been able to verify in my research.  Your mention of "wild Tribes" is key to understanding the fact that many Indian Nations existed on their ancestral lands and today have been left out of historical records.  I am still waiting to hear back from my initial contact to the Atakapa Ishak Nation.  They list six bands that comprise their nation in Southeast Texas/Southwest Louisiana on  All the online information reads the same from a variety of websites as well.  Everybody repeating the same thing.
That the Ishaks are Aboriginal, having inhabited the land naturally for thousand years.  That they did not come from any other place.  Their physical attributes are dark skin, handsome people of amazing power and strength.  Ishak hunters were known to run down their prey of deer by tiring them out, although they were expert with the bow and arrow and spear.  Ishak warriors were so feared that they were misnomer as "cannibals".   Accounts of Ishak chiefs selling tracks of land are very questionable in my opinion.  All land transactions with Aboriginal Nations could be deemed fraudulent in absence of a legal treaty that acknowledges the sovereignty of the Indian Nation, according to international law.  This ties back into colonial agreements of commercial exchange between Indians, because we know it is impossible for Aboriginals to sell or detach from the land.  Nature is One Sovereignty, no separation is possible.  These are topics I am currently researching and studying in school. 
 Alright Chief, in closing, do let me know the day and time of your radio program.  Is it Thursday?  You tell the truth so clear that it makes me laugh and I want to contribute to your content.  When I listen to your programs, I laugh so much because it feels good to hear you tell the truth.  You are a joy.  Giving thanks for all your hard work. 
Respectfully yours,
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