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The House of Ancestry's  Professional Genealogist, Historians  are highly-trained, experienced, and dedicated to their craft.

Margaret K. Washington -Jackson

House of Ancestry -Research Analysis

Uchean Historical Society Honorary Member 

Family Historian: Posey-Medlock Family of Old 96 District, Johnston, Edgefield, Aiken, Augusta, Greenwood, Abbeville, South Carolina


Sheila Hightower-Allen

Senior Professional Researcher/Family Genealogist

Afro Native American Research



Specialties-Professional Writer

South Carolina and Georgia

Key Research Domains

Appling, GA and Edgefield, SC


Retired Educational Administrator.

Masters Degree in Education


Genealogical Societies

Uchean Historical and Preservation Society.

Savannah River Chiefdoms Research Institute  

Elearning Campus 



Michelle Centers

Senior Professional  Researcher/Family Researcher

Anglo Native American Research

European Ancestral Research


Specailites-Professional Writer

Key Research Domains- NC,SC, GA,VA ,KY


Membership and Alliances

Association of Professional Genealogist

House of Ancestry-Grass Roots Genealogy

Savannah River Chiefdom Indigenous Research Institute

Elearning Campus


Mailing Address

Michelle Centers

200 Hunters Crossing Drive

Apt 112, 

Elyria Ohio - 44035

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Preliminary consultation for all services contact:

1-888-693-8314  Ex 702   2- 24 hr response time.   


Brittay Walters  Research Specialist  Atlanta Area - National Archieves  Call for Appointment. 



The House of Ancestry

Adjunct Professors,

Presenters, Scholars, and Lecturers


Educational Advisors 

Sheila Hightower-Allen Adjunct Professor at Augusta Technical College. Family Genealolgist and Historian: Old 96 District, North Augusta, Ededgfield, Johnston, and Appling, GA.


Lonzado Langley Chief -Professional Forensic Genealogist/Colonial Historian on Indian Slavery and Colonial Slave Trade 15th-19th Century. Subject matter expert on colonial race laws. Savannah River Uchee and Apalche Historian ,South Carolina and Georgia. 


Irma Suggs  Researcher and Family Historian on Early Virginia Colonial Laws. Maryland, DC, VA


Honorary Member 

Honorable - Beverly A. Harper 



Lonzado Langley  Public Speaker 

Irma Suggs - Family Historian


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