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Mr. Jerry Ward 

House Chairman  & Senior Historian/Researcher on  Indo African & Negro Genealogical  History in North Carolina



Michelle Centers 

Senior field Research Advisor  European, African and Native American Genealogy

888-693-8314  Ex 702    


The House of Ancestry

Adjunct Professors,

Presenters, Scholars, and Lecturers


Educational Advisors 

HRM Lonzado Langley -National Spokesman , Professional Forensic Genealogist/Colonial Historian on Indian Slavery and Colonial Slave Trade - Senior Researcher/Advisor on colonial racial laws. Census resporting and the history of Savannah River Uchee and Apalache people South Carolina and Georgia. 


Irma Suggs  Researcher and Family Historian on Early Virginia Colonial Laws. Maryland, DC, VA



Honorary Member 

Honorable - Beverly A. Harper 


Public Speakers 

Lonzado Langley  Forensic Genealogist and  Colonial Investigative Historian  

Jerry Ward - Sr  Family Historian  

Irma Suggs - Sr Family Historian



HOA Colonial Law Research

The Negro Law of South Carolina Download pdf Original

The Negro Law of South Carolina Genealogy Trails

Slave Code of South Carolina, May 1740

Slaves, and the Courts 1740-1860; Slave code for the District of Columbia, 1860.

Slave Laws of Virginia

Act for Trial of Negroes 1682-1801, PA

Statues at Large 1806-1809, PA

North Carolina Slave Codes

Early Colonial Virginia Laws

Early Tennessee Colonial Laws

King William County Chancery Records

Virtual James Town Early Colonial Laws

Virtual James Town Maps and Records 

Discovering James Town Student Learning

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Creek Records

Freed- man Dawes Rolls

Freed- men Bureau

Seminole Records

Slave Narrative

Britain Colony and Coloured Tribes 

Afro American Gateway

Slavery Database

NC Runaway Slaves 

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SC Runaway Slaves

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VA Runaway Slaves

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