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Please contact one of our Online Heritage Research Advisors 


Mr. Jerry Ward 

House Chairman  & Senior Historian/Researcher on  Indo African & Negro Genealogical  History in North Carolina

(888)-693-8314 ex 703



Michelle Centers 

Senior field Research Advisor  European, African and Native American Genealogy

888-693-8314  Ex 702    


The House of Ancestry

Adjunct Professors,

Presenters, Scholars, and Lecturers


Educational Advisors 

Chief Lonzado Langley -National Spokesman , Professional Forensic Genealogist/Colonial Historian on Indian Slavery and Colonial Slave Trade - Senior Researcher/Advisor on colonial racial laws. Census resporting and the history of Savannah River Uchee and Apalache people South Carolina and Georgia. 


Irma Suggs  Researcher and Family Historian on Early Virginia Colonial Laws. Maryland, DC, VA



Honorary Member 

Honorable - Beverly A. Harper 


Public Speakers 

Lonzado Langley  Forensic Genealogist and  Colonial Investigative Historian  

Jerry Ward - Sr  Family Historian  

Irma Suggs - Sr Family Historian



Services and Rates



The services of House of Ancestry Alliance partners are available on a pre-paid basis only. To receive a service estimate, without obligation, simply email: and describe the assistance you require. We will respond ASAP (usually within 24 hours). Service estimates are based on our standard rate of $50.00 per hour, with a $25.00 minimum. Unused portions of pre-paid fees will be promptly refunded.


You may authorize any amount to cover research time. For orders that are MORE THAN THREE HOURS, i.e., for a commission of $500 which would be for 12.5 hours of work, select 60 minutes of time with a quantity of 12 plus 30 minutes of work time. The same goes for commissions over $500, choose times and select the quantity to equal the number of hours you wish us to devote to your project.

For your convenience we accept all forms of online payments, including credit-debit cards and electronic checks via PayPal. In addition, checks may be remitted via the US Postal Service to the address listed at the bottom of this page.


Product Price:

30 Minutes of Research Time   $25.00
60 Minutes of Research Time   $50.00
90 Minutes of Research Time   $75.00
2 Hours of Research Time        $90.00
3 Hours of Research Time        $150.00

New Client Special: 1 Full Hour of Research for $45.00 


In genealogy there are no guarantees. We may find that no records exist for the person, place, or event you are looking for. 

Just be assured that we will give your request full attention and if the record is out there, we will do our best to find it!




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