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The first and foremost goal of our non-profit organization is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible. We strive to improve research conditions for those who need the help, and for those who can't do it themselves. Have you ever thought about examining Colonial history. Due to America's Social Construct of many  ethnic groups and nations of people such as Southern Eastern Native Americans, Africans, Southeast Asians or East India Indians, and Negro Asiatics, Oceanic Negroes and descendants of Europeans convicts have the most difficult time tracing Ancestry because of Colonial Slavery. The House of Ancestry exposes hidden facts, truths, and bring to life the living history of the past.  We have skilled Research Specialists, Analysts, and Subject Matter Experts covering various colonial domains.

HOA provides sevices and products needed to its Family Reunion Societies, Libraries, Archives, and other Member Organizations through our vast resources within our National Network. In addition, HOA acts as a resource center for community groups, preservationists, genealogical and historical societies, not-for-profit organizations and government entities, nation-wide, needing assistance in the preservation of American Indian(Mustee), Indo African, Afro Asian, Ethnic Mulatto Classes,  Negro and Colored and African historical sites and history. We are a research tool that is used by Scholars, teachers and students.

Message From Our National Spokesperson

Many modern day so called Professional Genealogist and Historians are very problematic, to be kind in two respects in their research and ideology. They clearly and deliberately mischaracterized the true perspective of colonial history and its people, That my friends is simply scholarly malpractice, and I’m surprised that in ensuing discussions that many Genealogist and Scholars who declare that they are all about various research approaches to history did not call out the hidden truths. To say otherwise is to misunderstand, mischaracterize, misrepresent, or simply lie, or to demonstrate sheer scholarly incompetence. Why any reputable so called Professional Genealogist and Scholars would tolerate such behavior or seek to excuse it puzzles me. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done on the many aspects of how colonial history has been written and represented, and how so many so called Professional Genealogist refuse to think outside the box when it comes to researching so called Afro-American genealogy and ancestry as it relates to slavery. Evidence provides that many of these people are not descendants from Africa at all. Clearly omitting facts that many of them are American Indians and Southeast Asians descent etc... Colonial Imperialist thinking does not and should not apply in 2015. What can’t be denied is their presentation rests in the end on poor scholarship as well as poor scholarly practices they continue to engage in. Chief Langley Forensic/Ethnic genealogist /Tribal historian.

Colonial history has been White Washed 

Colonial History has been white washed clearly for 150 years are more. There were white servants and slaves in America and there are descendants of them especially in South Carolina.  South Carolina Statue at Laws  "The Better Governing of White Servants"


Mayan Indians sold in the Carolinas as Slaves by means of Belize

Many say Richard Thornton is nuts for saying the Mayans were in Georgia. Well, I Lonzado Langley, Forensic Genealogist, and Historian has found much proof of Mayan Indian Slaves in South and North Carolina, and Virginia by means of Belize. The Archives of Belize counts thousands of them being sold into the Carolina's.

Colonial report on different shades of colors of North and South American Indians 

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Genealogy Tip of the day.


Many of you don't saved family records the minute a relative dies a grandmother, grandfather, an old uncle, or aunt you began to spring clean and they have not even been embalm yet. Most people have few if any items that once belonged to a grandparent or great-grandparent. Rarely is a descendant lucky enough to have inherited a locket, comb, watch, Bible, lock of hair, let alone any old letters, diaries, or photographs. What happened to all those items that belonged to people living three or more generations ago? Almost all of it was probably thrown away because it became broken, unuseable, or most of all unwanted, and unappreciated. Generally, those bits of material with family heritage value that do manage to survive are not saved in proper ways so they deteriorate, become damaged, or ruined. The bottom line is your family records must be valued or they risk being thrown away. They must be protected to prevent damage, ruin, or loss.

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Welcome to the Barbados and Carolinas Legacy Foundation website. Join me on a virtual journey from the Barbados shores to the Carolina coast…. and linger for a while. Let’s review historical links and influences, discover new research as we cross the bridge that separates the present from the past.

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