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GNONA Membership Yearly
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Yearly membership for The Gullah Nation of North America

Membership fees
Gullah Nation of North America Application
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Citizenship Application


The annual Adult membership is $25.00. There is a $10 annual membership fee for children under 17 years old  This fee supports the operation of various programs within the Gullah Nation of North America.


 Please give the following information:

Full Legal Name


_______________________  ____________________ ________________________

             First                                      Middle (Maiden)                                  Last


Date of birth:____________        Place of birth:_____________________




        _________________________________________    _____________  _____________

                         City                                                                    State                    Zip


Phone #: ______________________________ Email: _____________________________________



I, ________________________________________________, the applicant,


 1.Certify that the information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

2. Agree to abide by all rules and by-laws of the Gullah Nation of North America Constitution.



Signature of Applicant____________________________________



Official use only:  Approved- Disapproved- Pending- Date:____________

Full-   Intertribal- Adopted-□  Membership #_____________________

Member ship fee paid- ________   ID paid:__________

Approved by:_____________________________________


 We would love to hear your family stories about your African American ancestors. Please feel free to tell us a little bit about how you found out about your Native African roots. 













Please remember to include:

  1. A copy of just your direct line tree back to your African or Asiatic Ancestor. See example on the  Enrollment  page on the Tribal website
  2. A copy of 1 form of proof linking each generation in your tree to the one previous.

(See samples on web page under enrollment) A copy of Dna test results showing your african tribal ethnicity.

  1. Money order or check for the $  membership fee/person. Please note this membership fee will be due each year 1 or Jan. 1st. Failure to pay will result in loss of membership.
  2. Money order or check for $25 for each member you are ordering a membership ID card for and a picture of each for the ID card.
  3. Photo ID or Birth Certificate of each person who is enrolling.


PLEASE MAIL to: The Gullah Nation of North America





You will be notified by email, phone or on Facebook if you are a member of it, when you have been approved.























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The Next Campaign to End  Heritage Fraud and Paper Terrorism ! For information on how to participate, please contact us.

Please contact one of our Online Heritage Research Advisors 


Preliminary consultation for all services contact:

1-888-693-8314  Ex 702   2- 24 hr response time.   


Brittay Walters  Research Specialist  Atlanta Area - National Archieves  Call for Appointment. 



The House of Ancestry

Adjunct Professors,

Presenters, Scholars, and Lecturers


Educational Advisors 

Sheila Hightower-Allen Adjunct Professor at Augusta Technical College. Family Genealolgist and Historian: Old 96 District, North Augusta, Ededgfield, Johnston, and Appling, GA.


Lonzado Langley Chief -Professional Forensic Genealogist/Colonial Historian on Indian Slavery and Colonial Slave Trade 15th-19th Century. Subject matter expert on colonial race laws. Savannah River Uchee and Apalche Historian ,South Carolina and Georgia. 


Irma Suggs  Researcher and Family Historian on Early Virginia Colonial Laws. Maryland, DC, VA


Honorary Member 

Honorable - Beverly A. Harper 



Lonzado Langley  Public Speaker 

Irma Suggs - Family Historian


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